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Yarn Raw Materials


Rana Poly Green Fila Pvt. Ltd strictly uses DOW chemical’s LLDPE resins for yarn production in order to be at par with the international market. It helps us maintain a clear extrusion line and minimizes wastage and maintain a low shrinkage factor therby making our yarn a premium quality product. It is only because of resins from DOW Chemicals that our yarn has been certified and approved by International Testing Laboratories like ISA sports and Labosports.


We at Rana Poly Green Fila Pvt. Ltd, use Clariant Masterbatch in order to maintain the yarn quality as per international standards. This helps us in flexible colour matching and maintaining light stabilization on sports surfaces as well as in landscaping. .

Key Features Of Our Yarn

Manufacturing Consistency

The dtex and thickness control of a yarn effects a finished carpets appearance and consistent performance characteristics. Even with the best colour dosing systems in place a carpet will look streaky if a relatively constant tape thickness cannot be achieved. The thickness of a yarn also dictates importantly, its wear rate and UV resistance.

Comparison of the major grass yarn manufacturers specifications show that Rana Poly has one of the most rigid tolerances regarding thickness and dtex, making it one of the most consistent performing yarns available.

UV Resistance

One of the largest factors affecting the longevity of a synthetic turf system is the ability of the yarn to resist degradation by exposure to UV light. The right additives are crucial for sufficient UV stability. Rana Poly works closely with their additive suppliers to find only the most suitable UV packages.

To ensure the simulated lab tests reflect the conditions, to which the turf is exposed, all test machine settings are set to closely mirror the light spectrum from natural sunlight. Condensation, dark cycles and temperature changes are also recreated to reflect natural outdoor conditions.

The yarn from Rana Poly Green has proven their enduring superiority and versatility in a wide array of applications.

Colour Fastness

Extensive weathering tests have proven Rana Poly Green yarns to have unrivalled colour fastness. Rana Poly Green colour formulations are made using only pre-selected pigments, which are shown to be superior in light-fastness and weather ability. Care is also taken to ensure that no unfavorable reactions occur between our selected pigments, polymers and stabilizer systems.

All sporting surfaces are subjected to abrasion with every use. Therefore the service lifetime of a surface will is dependent on the ability to resist wear by abrasion.


We at Rana Poly Green Fila Pvt. Ltd, explore the clients' needs and offer customized solutions catering to clients’ yarn requirements and deliver solutions that are tailor made to match clients’ criteria and have set trends for the rest in the industry. However a broad classification of our popular LLDPE and PP yarn products is as follows:

  • LANDSCAPE: A range that would satiate all your green needs & give you a new soft, classic & clean outdoor experience.

      Monofil yarn, Flat Nerve / Rectangular Profile
      Single colour
      Denier: 800- 1500, Ply: 12-16

      Monofil yarn, Flat Nerve / Rectangular Profile
      Bi colour
      Denier: 800- 1500, Ply: 12-16

      Monofil + Thatch yarn, Flat Nerve / Rectangular Profile
      Bi colour
      Denier: 500- 1500, Ply: 16-24

  • SPORTS: Different grasses for different sports, all of which are designed to take full impact & intense wear. A perfect way to bring out the sports person in you.

    • R-YARN DD
      Monofil yarn, Diamond Shaped Profile
      Bi colour
      Denier: 1000- 1700, Ply: 8-12

    • R-YARN MD
      Monofil yarn, Moon and Diamond Shaped Profile
      Bi colour
      Denier: 1200- 2400, Ply: 6-8

    • R-YARN SS
      Monofil yarn, Single Side Nerve
      Bi colour
      Denier: 850- 1600, Ply: 8-12

    • R-YARN FF
      Fibrillated yarn
      Single colour
      Dtex 3000-12,000

  • R- YARN SYMPHONY: DO NOT LIKE GREEN- NO PROBS—Chose any color & we shall have the yarn tailor made for you- Either a single colored or mish-mash of colors for sports, landscaping or leisure purposes.